The Destination

1 HOME B.A.S.E. Building Artists through Somatic Education | An Artistic Practice developed by Toussaint Jeanlouis that guides participants to achieve their life goals, work to reach their full potential while raising their awareness to seize opportunities. By starting with an awareness of their body through guided meditation, movement, and exercise, building core and strengthening stabilizer muscles, participants are forced to address their physical self and confront the thoughts that stop them from achieving their desired success.
Various disciplines that HOME B.A.S.E. will incorporate include but are not limited to:
a. Martial arts
b. Art
c. Music (instrumental and/or vocal)
d. Acting technique
e. Writing and Literature

We all have the capacity to create something from nothing. We are all Artists. By tapping into those inherent talents and nurturing them you become most effective at Designingn. Become the Artist and see that you are more powerful and capable than you think and your potential to Create, is even greater.

1 HOME B.A.S.E. | Building Artists through Somatic Education provides a creative destination where individuals within a community can discover, utilize, build, and expand their physical and spiritual core to envision their true potential and achieve their goals through art.


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