How To Fall and Get Back Up


How to Fall and Get Back Up is a process devised to discover and unlock the full potential of an individual through guided instruction using multiple-disciplines. Through synthesizing Martial Arts, Dance, Music, and Acting techniques, participants acknowledge and strengthen their physical and mental foundation through core alignment and strength training. Music and Voice techniques are used to tap into proper breathing — another important source for the core and spatial awareness. With this awareness, what is “superficial,” that which is unnecessary, can be easily identified. We then have the option to make the most efficient and productive choices to move us into alignment with our destiny.

How To Fall and Get Back Up leads participants through numerous methods of manifesting goals. Rather than passively waiting for opportunities to come, they are met with an embodied confident foundation of you.

Martial Arts and Dance techniques are explored in HTF&GBU to first build a confident connection with and an understanding of our core and gravity, and second to make the fears of failure physical by actually “falling”.


With the knowledge and foundation of core strength and joint articulations, participants learn How To Fall. This will, in effect, bring consciousness to the connection our feelings and thoughts (mental foundation) have to our bodies (physical foundation). By identifying and utilizing the body to explore this relationship it serves as an aide to illustrate how we judge our failure.

Get Back Up

Once our base (home) is realized, HTF&GBU gives attention to how our joints articulate during a descent. The goal is to accept the feeling of falling while recognizing the moments within a fall that we can choose to take another direction. Most times we think we are failing so horribly that we cannot recover and move forward again. This is the ideal time to Get Back Up and Lean Forward in faith to take the next step. “Carpe Futurum!”

How To Fall and Get Back Up is a vehicle that teaches you how to fail and pick yourself back up, then learn to lean forward, find your flow, and come HOME to your center!

Special Thanks to James Brandon Lewis for his participation as our guest musician. Check out the news of his most recent album “Divine Travels” at