A Journey to Know Thy Self: HOME to B.A.S.E. pt2

The Shed

T from Sitting to Crawling

The ShedTraveling back to my car I noticed a lifeguard shack next to the shore. it was surround by fo as well, and stood next to the “great big light,” perhaps it symbolized my shed; a small retreat within the mind that served as a look out point?

Receding back into the fog, unable to see, I had lost my sense of direction, but trusted that I was walking in the direction of my car. I remembered the trash cans and used them as guides hoping that I would see the original path I took. With every step I was discovering something new.
HOMEAt times I would look back at the Ferris Wheel, see the light and hear the screams. All a reminder; HOME is there.

For a minute, part of me wondered if the beach patrol would come and rescue me because this was making me anxious. I couldn’t tell if someone was ten feet away from me I wanted to cry out “some body help, I’m lost!” I kept Walking.

Hand RingsFinally! Something looked familiar, and I stopped and noticed it was another hand ring set, farther past the bench I had dinner at! Eureka!

Isn’t this how life is? The journey sometimes seems exhausting and you get aggravated because you can’t find your way. But if you just keep going, Lean Forward through all the obstacles, you get stronger. What was once a painful experience is now something you laugh at because the wisdom you now have tells you, “I am enough. I can handle this.”

Going HOME afforded me to go those few extra steps with faith. I will certainly check in more often. Thankful for the process of the past year.

From this experience, the rest of my night was magical.

Lean Forward


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