You Are a Source of Light

PACT Zollverein

5 Dear Me,

Does the fear of falling ever cease?

There  are “great” people who have failed because of mistakes they have made. Strength and wisdom are gained when mistakes are acknowledged and you Lean Forward. Failure is a stepping stone. Learn how to use it.

Taking responsibility can be painful, but treat it as an exercise. During this process of growth, talk to yourself with love, understanding, and respect. You are a work of art in process. Sober up and “wipe the dust from your feet.”

Michaelangelos's "David"

Do your self a favor and make some time for your self. Just you.

Sit (Rest)

Breathe. Take a moment to connect to your breath. Close your eyes and inhale through your nose and exhale. Imagine the base of your skull and notice its carriage by the top of your spine. Allow your spine more space by lengthening from the crown of your head and broaden through your shoulders with each breath. Engage your abdomen to protect your lower back. Take notice of any places you are holding tension and release it with your breath.

From the base of your skull follow the architecture of your spine toward your coccyx (tailbone), vertebrae by vertebrae. Imagine a warm glowing light surrounding and filling your spine beaming out of the crown of your head as you continue to lengthen out from your coccyx. With length and space given to your spine, more light is focused through the crown of your head connecting to the heavens.

Notice the temperature of your lower extremities. Keeping in mind the warm glowing light of your spine, investigate your pelvic girdle; follow down your leg bones to the knees; through the shins to your ankles; and through your feet to the tips of your toes. From here you take the stage in your world. The soles of your feet are getting warmer and there are vines of warm light growing beneath and through the pads of your feet, wrapping around your bones towards your coccyx until they connect to your spine at the point between your shoulder blades. From this point continue the growth of the vine under and around your shoulder blades, over the shoulder bones, down through the upper-arm to your elbows, to your forearms, to your wrists, and through your hands to the tips of your fingers. Notice the weight of the energy in your hands. From here you shape and direct your world. Starting again back at the point between your shoulder blades, continue the vine of  warm light up and around your skull so that it meets at your jaw bone. Inhale and exhale with a relaxed tongue and jaw on a “Hummm.” Repeat this and let the vibration move throughout your body and energize you. Let the vibration release any tension or negative thoughts you may have; shake off the dust. Through vibration, bring your self into alignment. Clearly see yourself moving through your day with alignment and clarity.

PACT Zollverein
Shine through the rubble. copyright 2010 Toussaint JeanLouis, Feldstaerke International 2010

You are a source of light. Ask yourself: “How would you like to shine?”

In response to this question, inhale and exhale with sound on “Humm-maaaa.” Let the “mmmm” be your craving for the taste of peace and amplification that will send you through your day so that when you arrive at your destination it will be with an “Ahhh”. From your mouth, the music of your script is heard. What tune are you singing?

Release confidently into your day knowing that you have the foundation to support you.

Begin this very moment.
Remember You. Believe in You. See You. Love You.
Lean Forward


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