A Flâneur

Feldstaerke 2010 Dortmund, Germany
Feldstaerke 2010 Dortmund, Germany
copyright 2010 Toussaint JeanLouis, Feldstaerke International 2010


When you flâner, how aware of your surroundings are you? Do you notice the music and colors of your environment?

The next time you take a stroll see how many details you remember when you are home. Write down your journey from start to finish. How detailed are you? To start, maybe you bring a camera, sketch pad, or journal with you. As you continue this practice, try to go without tools.

This exercise will help you to notice how present you are in your day-to-day experiences and improve your memory. Who knows, you may have a best-selling short story, animation, picture book, or song written in no time!

Also see  Dérive .

Here’s an example: Know Thy Self.

Lean Forward


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