Almost Through to the Other Side


Standing still

I get to the next line, I’m waiting, and there is a girl behind me who is shouting unintelligible phrases and pretending to spit – that’s what it sounded like. I checked my arm to see if it was me she spit on. Then I look at the guy who she was with calmly continuing some sort of conversation with her. They had been else where doing “elsewhere things.”

Crawling nearer

For a moment I was staring because I was listening to the music that was this conversation. A mix o f Charlie Brown’s Teacher, Screamo, with Jerry Springer, and a techno beat courtesy DJ Basement.


This was happening.


The kerfuffle that was the front of this line was interesting too. With three people in front of me I heard, “five dollars!” A sign for me to leave? But I had come too far. “I was invited,” I thought. I stayed in line.


The Door Man’s “happy” was ruined by his obligation to do business. Another Fellow made it worse when he attempted to come back in stumbling.


Door Man: “You can’t leave and them come back in. You have to wait in line.”
My thoughts [“Yeah!” That’s right tell him.”]
Fellow: I just left! (stumble) My friends are inside -”
“Ok but you have to wait in line, there’s other people waiting in line. I -”
[“Wow! He’s really calm. Dude get in line this will go by faster.”]
“You don’t remember me?! I just left!”
[“Do You remember You?! Will you?”]
“Um, I don’t remember you at all. I’ve seen three-hundred people and I don’t remember all of them. I told you not to leave when you came in. Get in line please.”
[“Battle over!”]

[“Wait, he’s going for it! Someone get him!” ]
Door Man: “You are not coming in here right now. I ‘m going to ask you to leave.”
[“He’s so calm; slurring his speech a bit but calm.”]
Standing still…

Meanwhile, the music behind me turns into a bit of grunge hip hop as she pokes me, while saying to her friend, “He’s Black!” Then to me, “Do something! (gesturing) Throw dem bows!”
I took wise advice from the Door Man, smiled and stayed calm. In those situations the thought, “Should I discipline you?” comes to mind but in this moment I turned and laughed because the music was right. I just wanted this Fellow to “get out of my way!”


I didn’t have any cash and didn’t plan to stay long – an hour is what I told myself, so the sooner I knew whether or not I could get in, the happier I would be.


Eventually a Huge Bouncer appeared with sunglasses on, at night, and posted up. The Fellow’s friends came to his rescue, but did not go far; the Huge Bouncer was still there standing.

An amazing dance was occurring!

Jumping Squatting Jumping

The three became four in front of me, paid and then it was my turn, but before I could reach the table, Mr. Fellow tripped on the table-cloth and knocked The Door Man’s drink behind the money-box over. The Fellow was upset and cursed at the table-cloth; comments were made to the Door Man about how it was the table cloths fault, “It shouldn’t be there!,” as I remained calm and proceeded to the front of the line

“Hi, I -”
“Five dollars.”
“I was invited by Goddess with Us.”
“Let me look for your name on the list. What is it?”
[“Don’t you remember me? I’ve been in your house before.”]
“I have the text message from Goddess with Us -”
“Five dollars!

Door Man: “What’s your name?!”
“Yeah you told me that!”
[“Why aren’t you taking your own advice that I enjoyed so well?” ]
“Before you were trying to tell me something (gibberish)-”
[“He just dropped a twenty on the ground. I could use that to get in and make fifteen dollars!


“You dropped a twenty-dollar bill on the ground.” Door Man: “Thanks. Go in.”


Honesty and Clarity


I hadn’t prepared myself for what I was walking into. How could I? Because some people were from school, I had a feeling it would be a little crazy, I remember myself, but tonight I was remaining content with thoughts of my “Ferris Wheel and not driving under any influence.

Standing bouncing

It was cool! Backyard, video projections, DJ in the basement, sections outside were made by hanging sheets. A nice outside club. A Speak Easy; very easy.

Walking further in…

Lean Forward


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