An Awakening

An Awakening


“An Awakening” ventures on the quest for Balance and Amplification. Strike the most effective, positive, and progressive chord with every step and word. With stillness of the mind open peace in chaos and move past it. Be the change you want to see in the world confidently. Take responsibility and make your mark.

Three sessions are offered in a progressive order to bring awareness and spark the connection to our full potential.

Starting with awakening the body, then connecting the body with the mind through text, and lastly moving to the waters of Santa Monica Beach to release in song by candle light; a Creative Weekend Revival followed with a community potluck!

For details, and price information, any questions, comments, or thoughts you may have, email

There are group discounts of 4 or more. Ticket sales begin Friday January 6th, 2011 with Early Registration ending on January 19th. Limited spots available!

You can participate from your house!

HOME is Where You Make it!

Lean Forward Find Your Flow Come HOME!


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