Your Staircase

Dear Me,

What if your main objective in life is to dig in, connect, and reach your destination? How will you do this?

Keep your head up. Look at all you have right in front of you. There may seem as if there are many obstacles in your way. Acknowledge the road you have traveled. Look ahead at what you want in your distant future. See it clearly and have faith in it. Make that your reality. Press on and upward.

Your Staircase
Your Staircase

Make your vision a promise to your self. Every thing you do is a choice, a step towards creating the world you want to live in. Begin this very moment…

The past is the past – it led you to this point. Know that just because other people do not see your vision does not mean it does not exist. There is nothing to prove. It is your vision and you should not be mad or waste time discussing it with those who are blind to it. Pray to understand the people who throw stones and continue to move forward with focus, clear action, and humility toward your destination.

Consequences. Yes, they will come. Let them, without self judgement. Forgive. Thank you. Learn from them. They do not define you.
Remember you. Believe in you. See you. Love you.

Begin this very moment…

Lean Forward


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