Drinking Well

Water Well

Dear Me,

What if  you are the well from which your offers pour?

When making an offer to someone, let your expected outcome go and allow the receiver their process. You risk hurting the receiver and your self when you hold on. Discover timing. What will you look like if you return to them later and charge for what was first offered for free? Do not force an offer, you could spill valuable energy. If it is meant to be a gift, so be it; gifts are not traps. Be patient. Let it flow. Your presence can be a gentle reminder.

By making a clear and committed offering, you gain more than you had before. With this offering, you have created a capacity to be filled. Keep in mind who is in your company when you desire to be replenished. Refill your self with clean energy (e.g. a new book, positive and uplifting company, a new adventure, rest, etc.).

Water Well
“You can bring a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.”

Stale water is useless. What has hurt you in the past, allow it to evaporate. You should not be afraid to make an offer if you see someone is in need and you are able to supply.

With every offering ask, “What are you pouring into your drinking well?” Every offer you make will come back to you, so be careful of what you pour out, to whom, why, and when. If you know your aim, complete your daily intentions, and are sure to perform self-maintenance  (e.g. clean house, exercise, meditate, groom, etc.), the offers you make can be honest and pure. You will always be taken care of.

Life is a process. Digest daily.

Remember you. Believe in you. See you. Love you.

You are in process.

Lean Forward


4 thoughts on “Drinking Well”

  1. I like what you have to say here a lot. I think the expectations we have for everything in life really detracts from just enjoying the way things and people are. I really appreciate your comments on my blog, and I am excited to continue reading what you have to say. Your creative and inspirational direction sounds like a nice place to spend some of my reading time. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I am still new and trying to find my way around. I hope you had a fantastic New Years and you and your family are in good spirits. I am off to your page now.

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