A New Season Part 2

The Shed

Dear Me,

Check in to your HOME and listen.

“Great” people have made mistakes. Only when you acknowledge your mistakes as lessons and lean forward do you gain the wisdom and strength to reach greatness. Rebuild your House. Never give up. Set an example for your self.

In this New Season, with the tools and discoveries you’ve made, make a solid plan so that you can maintain your and reach the vision of your HOME.

Remember where you left your plow and walk into the fog confidently with faith. Know that no matter what obstacles you may encounter, when you come HOME, check your shed; you are taken care of.

The Shed
The Shed

This is your season. Let go of anger, worry, fear, and doubt, otherwise you will continue your journey intoxicated and off balance. Sober up!

You are about to break ground.
Happy New Season!
This is going to be a wonderful year.
Remember you. Believe in you. See you. Love you.
Begin this very moment.

Lean Forward…


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