Body Mind Mastery : The Prologue

Did your parents receive your school progress-report in the mail before you got the chance to get home and look at it yourself? Have you ever taken the last shot in the final seconds of a tied game against your long-standing rivals with your entire team and school depending on you for the win? Have you ever been selected to make the presentation for an important future investment for your company or business? Sometimes it can feel as if all the world’s eyes are on you with intense scrutiny adding an almost unbearable amount of pressure to either fail or succeed. Enough to make you angry at anyone for having any ounce of expectation of you. To be just enough is still not…enough.

But, what if enough was your perfection? What if everything you did in each moment was the best you could do? We may have a clear idea of what we expect of ourselves yet as we grow into adulthood, we often disregard the baby steps necessary to reach our aspirations. Ignoring these very important steps can lead continuous over-analysis of our many failed attempts, constantly second guessing our every step with uncertainty, and worst of all, completely giving up on ourselves.


Dan Millman begins “Body Mind Mastery: Creating Success in Sport and Life” describing an Olympic feat requiring focus, resilience, and relaxation. He describes an Olympian who is fully present in the moment, without concern or anxiety, sensitive, yet uninhibited by outside distractions or thoughts of judgement; an Olympian who wins the gold – every time. The Olympian he describes is an infant taking his first steps.

This natural born athlete is also you. Soon you were running around the house, jumping off your bed, and doing cannonballs in the pool! You weren’t concerned with whether you were doing it right, what other people thought of you, you just did it. Whatever was needed to improve your skills, you watched, practiced, and did it again, until you were satisfied.

It wasn’t until late in our adolescence and pre-teens that what others thought of us began to be something we concerned ourselves with. We shaped small habits to make sure that what we were presenting to our peers, and to the world, was acceptable and of high quality; or we hid under the pressure and secretly self-destructed. Taking this journey of “Body Mind Mastery” will offer the opportunity to reclaim peace and clarity of mind by releasing back into the unlimited potential you posses as a natural born athlete of sport and life.

…Up Next! The Introduction: Increasing Your Life Potential followed by Part One: Understanding the Larger Game Chapter 1 Natural Laws


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