Body Mind Mastery Introduction: Increasing Your Life Potential

Goal Period (Dedicating your Life to your Training) vs Potential-Bridge (Dedicating your Training to your LIfe)

Dan Millman shares his experience and understanding as an athlete, coach, businessman, husband, and father, ultimately teaching the reader the essence of success: one’s approach to a productive and consistent practice. Everyday is a practice, an opportunity to train toward reaching our full potential, making it easy for us to accomplish goals and realize our dreams. Through training, an athlete learns what their weaknesses and strengths are and the importance of staying relaxed and focused. It is their practice that refines the skills necessary so they have a solid foundation upon which to build and grow. Training becomes preparation for moments of high stress.

When an individual realizes that they can apply the lessons and skills learned in any given practice (martial arts, music, dance, painting, etc.) to their daily life (career, relationships, health, etc.), they are well on their way to becoming successful masters of their body and mind. In reading this book, you quickly learn that is it not simply about focusing on accomplishing the goal, but also building the bridge of potential. It is about increasing your Life Potential.

Next Up!

Part One: Understanding the Larger Game
Chapter 1: Natural Laws
Where do I begin? Learning.


Published by: HOME B.A.S.E.

Provides a creative destination where individuals within a community can discover, utilize, build, and expand their physical and spiritual core to envision their true potential and achieve their goals through the arts.

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