Review: On Writing by Stephen King

‘On Writing’ is a charming book which I assume is the remnants of its writer. I have seen films based on his writing, but I’ve actually never read any of Stephen’s work before. A co-worker gave me this book as a present for Christmas last year. Thanks Caleb! I am positive I will find a gift of Stephen’s work in my lap soon. ‘On Writing’ is Stephen’s version of “Started from the bottom now we’re here,” (a la Drake) full of humor and unpretentious¬†truth-telling; the only bases are God-given talent and human passion.

The chapter I believe may be most like his style of writing, as he described it, was ‘On Living: A Postscript’ which depicts his near-death experience and recovery after being hit by a van and flying 14 feet into the air. He confessed that his doctors, wife, and writing saved his life. I’ll admit, I got emotional. The 249 pages before that story began became a blur, just like his recollection of the event. But the pieces are all there.

Stephen is definitely not one of his monsters or a superhero. His gift and effort to engage an audience in his expansive, yet precise, imagination is a thing I have high admiration for in a human being. There are many reasons you might read this book: to learn something new about Annie Wilkes from ‘Misery,’ to find inspiration, or for witty humor about the career of a writer. I would recommend it as a reminder that whatever path you’re on, it’s the right one, and if you have the urge, or hear the call to try something new, go for it and don’t give up! Be your happiness.

I finished this book October 23rd before I knew about National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) or National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo). Reading about his struggles and success in personal and career life gave me the inspiration and confidence to just sit down and write.

I am excited that I happened to finish this book and find this inspiration before NaNoWriMo began. I’m having a blast! I have to remind myself to just let go and allow the story to unfold. It’s not that serious. I still have to sit down today and write, but I’m also taking the time to enjoy myself in good company.

My goal is to be consistent and write here regularly as a practice. I’m not always sure of what to say or how to say it, but the more I let go and just write, it’s showing me what it is. I accept it. I like it.


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