James Blake: The Experience

The experience I had last night at the James Blake concert in Terminal5 was amazing. It was better than I expected, based off of an interview I watch James give about the difficulty of a live experience. There’s no way listening to him through headphones will ever do him justice. As in live performances, I got so much more of the meaning of his lyrics, tonal qualities (“Mmm” from Our Love Comes Back), and the repetitive patterns.

Being there with my girlfriend made the experience unique. “Ignore Everybody Else.” It was nice to experience it together for our first concert. While I know most of the songs are love ballads and songs about heartbreak, how little I actually knew; nostalgic. At a point, and even now, I thought I might cry.

It was gripping to experience someone expressing pure soul: faith that love is there, the need to believe you deserve it, to know you’re not alone in the struggle.

Thanks James.



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