Sometimes you are called to do more than you believe you can do and then…

Sometimes you are called to do more than you believe you can do and then, there are circumstances when you are forced to make a decision either to attack head on or retreat with your eyes forward.
In the last month I’ve learned a great deal about myself through the observation of those closest to me. I found myself asking “Why have I surrounded myself with these people? Why have I held on?” I understand what it means to find your soulmate(s) and that it isn’t always a family member, romantic relationship, or best friend, or lover. Sometimes there are people who can hurt you deeply, and they too are soulmates because a piece of you transforms; yet it is up to you to choose growth over destruction.

How I decided to grow was to acknowledge that I was hurt and yet these persons had served a purpose; to teach me who I was not – in essence, teaching me who I was. Why enclose yourself in a cycle in which you question your actions constantly and take responsibility for the negative behavior of others towards you unless you believe you deserve it? There is nothing wrong with questioning “What can I do to improve this relationship?,” but if you’re the only one working on it and the other persons are unwilling to communicate and take responsibility too, what else are you doing but striking wildly and chiseling down a beautiful stone to a pebble? 

Even Then, there is strength in this pebble for it is shaped by adversities and still exists in the world of our mind. A work of art was once a great idea, shaped by the marriage of opposing ideas, endless excavations of curiosity, and the ultimate journey toward forgiveness; to be grateful is self-acceptance. I am grateful for for who I am today; right now, because now I can step forward, now I can still reach my full potential. Then so is just breaching the horizon. Your days are not over.

Let go of Yesterday and claim Today Now.


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