You are My World Because I am Undeniably Yours

As I listen to this mother and daughter on a New York City Brooklyn Bound Express D train this evening, I sense the possibility of infringement on the comfort of other passengers ears by her cries and infectious laughter. Is it possible to be upset? Could I want to make this train move any faster? “You are my world.” Even in a busy city, on a crowded train, we exist in a world of our own. How lucky we are if we truly share it, together, with others? If I were upset, it would be by envy of this unconditional connection denied; Humanity.

My Humanity has been denied; Enough.

I myself have not always reclaimed this connection, at least not as often as I might criticize others for denying it. It is a false challenge in a city where proximity has invisible lines undetermined by numbers, heights, colors, pins on world maps – barriers unknown to the soul – if, you believe you have a soul.

What is forgotten? What is gained from the world outside when losing grip with what is inside? The doors of the soul must close at some point, but to get stuck, could be a death trap; a soul suffocated.

You are my world because I am undeniably yours. If I close myself off to you, I close myself off to all the world, the good and bad it has to offer.

This was written on my way to see Hadestown at New York Theater Workshop. More on that later.


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