Better and Better.

I really have been thinking about manifesting your dreams. Yes. It’s more than just thinking about it (aka praying or meditating). It can be hard work if it’s not something you love. And it certainly isn’t easy. But acquiring the strength to have Faith, to know that every moment is just a moment along the journey.

Maybe you don’t know my life story and maybe you will get to or at least have an understanding of where I’ve been. I don’t compare my story to anyone else or think that where I’m at now is some golden place that everyone else should aspire to be. I hope you find your place, find what it is you’re seeking, and above all make peace with your self.

I’ve wanted to share my knowledge with people for quite some time and share what has helped me get through the times that I felt the darkest. But I’m well aware that my dark is not your dark and my light is not your light. But a hand to hold or a smile is something of encouragement. You’re on this journey today. It’s yours.


Published by: HOME B.A.S.E.

Provides a creative destination where individuals within a community can discover, utilize, build, and expand their physical and spiritual core to envision their true potential and achieve their goals through the arts.

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