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Freedom For Purpose
August 29 – September 30
MWF 8:30am-9:30am
12 St Marks Pl, New York, NY

[Building Your Foundation through Core Stability exercises and Strength Training and Expanding your Creative Imagination resulting in an Active Mind-Body toward Goal Achievements.]

Your body is like a building. In this class we will focus on the strength of our Foundation through Core Stability exercises and Strength Training. As well as playfully Expanding our Creative Imagination to promote a more integrated connection between the Mind-Body and how this helps with Achieving Goals.

If we can learn to Fall/Fail we can learn to get back Up/Succeed. When it comes to survival, our bodies know much more than our minds do. We trust our bodies every day to operate a million functions simultaneously without ever having to think about eating, walking, talking, digesting, heart pumping blood, etc. In this class we will, like toddlers, learn how to fall, trust, and enjoy the Falling/Failing and Get Back Up and Succeed. The body can teach the mind a whole new way of being, trusting and enjoying this game of life.

Registration will open August 1, 2016
Class Size 14 participants
Early Bird Special August 1 – 22 $150
Regular Rate August 22-29 $250